The fourth issue of the International Journal Architecture, Technology and Sustainability (ArTeS), edited by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Guayaquil, dated April 2023. It is a publication with international coverage that disseminates advances in knowledge about the use of technologies and the application of information systems to enhance the decision-making process in research, development and innovation projects, from an academic/scientific perspective.


Published: 2023-04-30

Mitigating Environmental Pollution Through Planning Strategies Urban in the Vicente Paul Sector.

Diana Fernanda Zarate Zavala, Katherine Yamile Almache Carranza, Karla Cristina Fajardo Zavala, David Gabriel Jiménez Alvarado, Denisse Adriana Morocho Zambrano

19 - 26

Analysis of the urban green index of Guayaquil as a project georeferencing bioclimatic model

Tais Romine Cabrera Domínguez, Fabiana Maythe Salcedo Hernández

27 - 35

Design proposal for urban regeneration in a tourist zone in Bahía de Caráquez.

Joel Arturo Hidalgo Zambrano , Pedro Steban Becerra Arteaga , Darwin Jack Durán Guayacondo, Ariel Andrés Sánchez Chiriboga

36 - 42